Best Art Mockups on Creative Market

Some links used within this post are affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a small commission if a purchase is made on their site. Thanks for your support and I hope that you enjoy this post exploring my favorite art mockups!

Art mockups are a fabulous way to show the world what your artwork will look like in a frame or in a home environment. This is also known as photo styling—a skill I personally have yet to hone, so I really appreciate using mockups. Art mockups take a lot of the time and self-doubt out of this process by allowing you to put your art into an already styled photo. In today’s post I’ll highlight a few of my favorite art mockups on Creative Market.

50 Frame Mockup Bundle by FoundImages

  • $20 for a commercial license
  • 50 frame mockups
  • 5000- x 3333 pixel resolution in 300 dpi
  • Requirements: Photoshop CC or higher

This is a really original mockup set. The blurry images of people walking by and the plants in the foreground add a wonderful sense of movement and depth. Sometimes mockups can be too busy and have too much furniture or items that distract from the artwork. These mockups have a modern feel and allow the artwork to shine. Buy the 50 frame mockup here.

Poster Frame Mockup Set 4 by Best Pixels™

  • $35 for a commercial license
  • 14 poster mockups
  • 4000- x 3000-pixel resolution in 300 dpi
  • Requirements: Adobe Photoshop

This mockup set by Best Pixels features 14 poster mockups in luxurious home settings. Living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms are some of the rooms that are used. Buy Poster Frame Mockup Set 4 here.

Artwork Frame Photo Mockup Bundle by Moyo Studio

  • $35 for a commercial license
  • 20 minimalist photo frame mockups
  • 3316- x 4973-pixel resolution in 300 dpi
  • Requirements: Adobe Photoshop

This is a beautiful collection of mockups that are minimalist, sophisticated, and really allow the artwork to shine. Highlights include overlapping frames, the ability to rotate frames in four of the mockups, and neutral accessories. Buy the Frame Photo Mockup Bundle here.

Frame Mockup Kit – Pro by The White Space Co.

  • $35 for a commercial license
  • 30 interior mockups
  • 4000- x 4000-pixel resolution in 300 dpi
  • Requirements: Adobe Photoshop

This mockup features 30 styled interior mockups with a number of different rooms and styles available including: living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and nursery mockups. You are also able to choose between 4 different frame finishes: black, white, walnut, and birch. I really appreciate the variety of interior styles that comes with this bundle, some are more minimalist while other mockups are more ornate. Buy the Frame Mockup Kit here.

Frame & Wall Mockup Bundle by Yuri-U

  • $29 for a commercial license
  • 10 interior mockups
  • 4000- x 3000-pixel, 4000- x 4000-pixel, 3000- x 4000-pixel in 300 dpi
  • Requirements: ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, or CANVA, GIMP or online editor

If you do not have access to Photoshop and are looking for a modern look, this might be the bundle for you. It features 10 interior mockups that feature a warm, modern interior style. Buy the Frame & Wall Mockup here.

4:5 Frame Mockup Kit by October November

  • $20 for a commercial license
  • One interior layout that can be customized by turning layers on and off
  • 5600- x 3700-pixel in 300 dpi
  • Requirements: Adobe Photoshop

If you are working with artwork with a 4:5 ratio (4×5 in, 8×10 in, 16×20 in, and so on) this might be a great option for you. I have used this mockup many times and love the simplicity of the layouts and the ease in which I can customize the shadows, sunbeams, and plants. Buy the 4:5 Frame Mockup here.

Here are some additional mockups that look interesting:

Do you use mockups for your artwork? Please post a link to your favorite mockup below or tag me on Instagram with @myfavoritebrush.