How to Draw a Rose: The Five Best Free Tutorials

I love teaching designers how to create stunning patterns and textile collections through Pattern Observer and the Textile Design Lab. However, when it comes to teaching someone how to draw specific motifs, such as flowers, I struggle. Drawing is such a difficult skill to break down into easy to follow steps. But luckily for us, there are plenty of teachers out there who excel at this skill, and generously share their knowledge through free tutorials. Here are the five best free tutorials that will show you have to draw a rose, one of the most popular types of flowers!


I love this tutorial on how to draw a rose because it breaks down the process into simplistic steps. The visuals are quite easy to follow and with the right paper and eraser, I think anyone could draw a beautiful rose following this technique. This tutorial is part of a larger series called Learn How to Draw, which shares methods for drawing everything from people to cute animals.

Creative Bloq

Are you looking for a tutorial that offers a little more creative freedom? I like this tutorial by Thomas Fluharty because it provides those easy to follow steps for drawing a rose, but also shares tips and recommendations to help you draw a rose in your own artistic style. There are multiple videos included in the post, which some might find a bit overwhelming, so go to the post ready to spend some time reading and exploring all the content.

Jey Ram

This tutorial created by Jey Ram is similar to the Envato Tuts one, but it offers a slightly more simplistic interpretation of the rose. I think many of you in illustration, pattern design, or art licensing might enjoy this tutorial. It’s a simple plan to follow and there are some great tips offered throughout the post. I’ve posted the video above, but also check out the step-by-step guide here.

Easy Drawing Tips

This tutorial offers a slightly different perspective of the rose, taking a bird’s eye view. The sketches are gorgeous, but the steps move a little more quickly than some of the other tutorials. If you already feel comfortable with sketching and drawing, you’ll probably enjoy this tutorial.

The Postman’s Knock

This is one of my favorite tutorials on the list because it shows you how to create roses using a variety of different artistic techniques and mediums. From colored pencils to pens and watercolors, in this tutorial Lindsey Bugbee shares creative ways to capture the beauty of roses in a variety of different ways.

What are your favorite methods from how to draw a rose? Please share in the comments below! If you want to explore different ways of painting flowers please check out this post.