Art Supply Review: ROYAL BRUSH Crafter's Choice

Art Supply Review: ROYAL BRUSH Crafter’s Choice

A few months ago, I began creating abstract acrylic paintings inspired by the tree canopies surrounding our home. It was a natural source of comfort and inspiration for me, all things considered. Due to COVID-19 we had barely left our property in six months, which allowed me the opportunity to take note of my surroundings. It’s really no surprise that trees and the sky above began bringing me so much comfort and inspiration. As I began to paint, I also decided to work with different styles of brushes. This blog is going to explore the results of this. Today I am kicking things off with this art supply review of the ROYAL BRUSH Crafter’s Choice. Some links used within this post are affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a small commission if a purchase is made on their site. Thanks for your support.

While I usually work with flat paint brushes, this set of round brushes by Royal Brush caught my eye. Maybe it was the comfort grip, (I mean who couldn’t use a little comfort these days?), or maybe it was the smaller tip, I’m not sure what drew me to this brush, but we have been besties ever since.

Here you can see the brush in action. Like all rounded brushes, you can get more precise by painting with the tip of the bristles, and quickly move into a bolder brushstroke by flattening the brush against the canvas.

These brushes works amazingly well. They are also super cheap, which makes them a good option for you to experiment with in your work. Plus, it’s not the end of the world if they get stolen by your children or become a new chew toy for your puppy. So for now, these are my favorite brushes.

I hope that you enjoyed this this art supply review of the ROYAL BRUSH Crafter’s Choice. Do you have a favorite tool that I should check out? Let me know in the comments below.