Top 5 Most Popular Artists

One of my favorite aspects of blogging is learning what is interesting to other people. What are they searching for? What are they seeking out and why? I am in the beginning stages of this blog focused on artists, so I thought I would see which artists people are interested in learning about. The results were surprising. Here are the top 5 most popular artists, well, according to Google at least.

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Barbara Hepworth

Barbara Hepworth’s studio in Barbara Hepworth: The Sculptor in the Studio

Barbara Hepworth was a British sculptor known for work that was breathtaking, powerful and comforting. She is best known for creating abstract, “biomorphic” pieces carved out of stone.

Maybe her work resonates with people so deeply because of this observation by the Tate museum: “Though concerned with form and abstraction, Hepworth’s art was primarily about relationships: not merely between two forms presented side-by-side, but between the human figure and the landscape, colour and texture, and most importantly between people at an individual and social level.”

Frida Kahlo

Painting of Frida Kahlo. Photo by Darian Conradie on Unsplash

Frida Kahlo is well known for her bold, vibrant color choices and descriptive self-portraits. The stories of pain and passion that she tells through her work resonates with many and has made her one of the most famous artists of all time. “She is celebrated in Mexico for her attention to Mexican and indigenous culture and by feminists for her depiction of the female experience and form.” –

Leonardo da Vinci

Photo by Eric TERRADE on Unsplash

Leonardo da Vinci is one artist that I was not surprised to see on this list. Leonardo da Vinci is most famous for his paintings, including the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper. His drawing of the Vitruvian Man “has also become a cultural icon.” “Leonardo’s notebooks reveal a sharp intellect, and his contributions to art, including methods of representing space, three-dimensional objects, and the human figure, cannot be overstated.” -Britannica


Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

Banksy is famous for turning his cultural criticism into beautiful, and attention-grabbing street art. Banksy, “targets established social and political agendas with his witty illustrations produced with stencils and spray paint in cities such as New Orleans, New York, and Paris.” His work is powerful, thought provoking, and has inspired countless artists around the world. -ArtNet

Andy Warhol

Photo by Mingjun Liu on Unsplash

Andy Warhol is another artist on the list that wasn’t a surprise. In his lifetime he reached a level of fame most artists will never achieve. “Andy Warhol was a successful magazine and ad illustrator who became a leading artist of the 1960s pop art movements. He ventured into a wide variety of art forms, including performance art, filmmaking, video installations and writing, and controversially blurred the lines between fine art and mainstream aesthetics.”

These top 5 most popular artists are all incredible, their work worth reviewing. Other popular artists include:

  • Salvador Dali
  • Michelangelo
  • Kaws
  • Jackson Pollock
  • Keith Haring

As you can see, there is no shortage of amazing artistic talent in this world. What artist did you expect to see on the list? Which artist were you surprised to see on the list? Let me know in the comments below.